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The new Troutdale Community Enhancement Program has funds available for homeowner associations, City advisory committees, service clubs, schools, and other community non-profit groups, for enhancement projects that will make improvements throughout the City.

Funds are available from a per-ton fee charged by Metro regional government on solid waste transfer stations located in communities throughout the greater Portland region, to help mitigate the impact on local host community.

Project grant applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on May 31, 2018.  Funds to help your group fund an enhancement project for expenses beginning July 1, 2018.

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Enhancement Projects need to be within City boundaries and meet one more of the following goals:
1. Improve the appearance or environmental quality of the community.
2. Reduce the amount or toxicity of waste.
3. Increase reuse and recycling opportunities.
4. Result in rehabilitation or upgrade of real or personal property owned or operated by a nonprofit organization having 501(c) status under the Internal Revenue Code.
5. Result in the preservation or enhancement of wildlife, riparian zones, wetlands, forest lands and marine areas, and/or improve the public awareness and the opportunities to enjoy them.
6. Result in improvement to, or an increase in, recreational areas and programs.
7. Result in improvement in safety.
8. Benefit youth, seniors, low income persons or underserved populations.
9. Enhance art and culture within the City.

2018-2019 Project Grant Funding Cycle Timeline: 

The following is the process schedule for the Community Enhancement Projects Grant Program:

April 1 - May 31    
Application window for project proposals

May 31                      
Applications must be completed and returned to City Hall, by 5 pm.

June 19                    
CEPC will hold meeting to hear sponsor presentation of proposed project. 
Meeting will be held in the Council Chambers. 
Presentations should be limited to 4 minutes after which the committee will ask questions.

July 1                          
Contracts for awarded projects will be distributed to Sponsors. 
Contracts must be executed by September 30, 2018, or grant is forfeited.


Here are a few examples of enhancement projects funded in other communities:
-Healthy Meals for Homebound Seniors
-Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival
-Graffiti Abatement
-Community Garden Sustaining Resources
-Early Childhood Education
-Information Center
-Building Permit Fees for Low Income Housing
-Summer Stock Theatre Program for Youth
-Shredding Day
-Equipment for Enhanced Ecological Education
-Holiday Tree Sustainability
-Collaborative Cultural Enhancement

Contact  219 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060   or email

 Program Background
The Troutdale Solid Waste Community Enhancement Program results from the Metro Council extended effective July 1, 2015, the Metro Solid Waste Community-Enhancement Program to apply uniformly to all communities that host putrescible (biodegradable) solid-waste transfer facilities, including the Troutdale Transfer Station operated by Waste Management located at 869 NW Eastwind Drive Troutdale.

Metro’s program started in 1988 after the Oregon Legislature allowed the assessment of fees to support communities hosting facilities that accept garbage and other waste discarded from homes and businesses. While offering value to the region as a whole, these facilities generate traffic, odors and other inconveniences to residents in adjacent host communities.

Funds collected under the Metro Community Enhancement Program are dedicated and used for “enhancing the host community of the facility from which the fees have been collected” as determined by the local government or administering committee.  These funds may be used for extensive community purposes that “rehabilitate and enhance the area within the City limits.”


The  Troutdale Solid Waste Community Enhancement Program Advisory Committee (CEPC) is responsible for administering the Community Enhancement Program funded by the Metro fee at the Troutdale Transfer Station.  The CEPC is the City Council and the District 1 Metro Councilor, and the Mayor and Metro Councilor serve as the committee co-chairs.

The CEPC establishes the specific grant application procedures, evaluation process and annual process timeline.  The CEPC conduct an annual evaluation of the project applications and make funding awards in public committee meetings.  The project grant application procedures shall include application forms, instructions, required grant agreement, exit/project completion reporting and preliminary qualification requirements.

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