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General Information

Development is happening in Troutdale. The purpose of the City of Troutdale’s Economic Development Division is to promote economic growth and create jobs in a manner consistent with the desires of the community. We do this through strategic recruitment practices, assessment of community needs, establishment of partnerships and analysis of local, state, and national economic trends.

The services provided by the Economic Development Division are:

  • Business Assistance
  • Distribution of business opportunity/start-up information
  • Business recruitment
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Public Outreach

Mission Statement
It is the City of Troutdale’s mission to promote growth and create jobs in a manner that meets the needs of the community while strengthening the City’s economic viability. Troutdale will accomplish this task through strategic recruitment practices, continuous assessment of community needs, the establishment of crucial partnerships and routine analysis of current economic trends that impact our region. Our goal is to make Troutdale a city of choice for business with an incomparable quality of life for its citizens.

Building Department
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The Building Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with the housing code, and to maintain healthy, sanitary and safe living.

The services provided by the Building Division are:

  • Issuing permits for residential and commercial construction
  • Performing construction plan reviews
  • Performing inspections during the construction process
  • Issuing addresses for new construction
  • Investigating construction activity complaints
  • Building code interpretation

Planning Department
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The purpose of planning is to indicate the most appropriate land uses within a given area and to provide the means for effectively and efficiently facilitating and guiding development activity. Planning ensures that residential, commercial, and industrial land uses are properly located and suitably related to one another and other city features, as well as conform to the population density requirements of the Metro Regional Growth Plan. Moreover, it is to ensure that new developments enhance and help maintain the type of community the residents of Troutdale want.

The Planning Division works with city officials, regulatory agencies, advisory committees, citizen committees, the general public, and developers to ensure that the city's goals and standards that have been adopted are implemented.

The planning staff provides a wide variety of services, including:

  • Development Permits
  • Flood map designations
  • Zoning standards and permitted uses
  • Setback requirements
  • Land Use Applications for: Lot Line Adjustments/Partition Plats Requests
  • Subdivision Requests
  • Variance Requests
  • Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Change Requests
  • Conditional Use Requests
  • Annexation Requests
  • Site and Design Review Applications


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