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Development Permit
Residential accessory structures include detached garages, detached carports, hot tubs, portable swimming pools over 24 inches in depth, decks between 12 and 30 inches in height, storage sheds, gazebos, play structures, or any other structure detached from the primary structure determined to be similar by the Community Development Director. The maximum size and height allowed depends upon where the accessory structure will be located on the property. A Development Permit is required for most residential accessory structures. Accessory structures over 200 square feet in floor area and/or over 10 feet in height as defined in the Building Code require a building permit and must comply with the same setbacks required for the house. The standards for Residential Accessory Structures are listed in Troutdale Development Code Chapter 5, section 5.010. Submit a completed Development Permit application form with a plot plan (map) showing where the accessory structure will be located on the lot in relation to the main building and the property lines and remember to include the setback dimension on the drawing. Provide a drawing of the accessory structure: include the dimensions of the height (as measured from the adjacent ground—remember to count the height of any pier block, deck, or other foundation in the total height), width and depth. The cost for the development permit is $25. Contact the Senior Planner at 503-674-7228 for more information. The permit is usually available within three work days or less.

Flood Hazard Permit
A Flood Hazard Permit is required for development within the Flood Management Area. The Flood Management Area is mapped by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): the City has adopted FEMA's maps, which are called Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). Click on the link for the form. Complete pages 1 through 4 of the form and submit it to the Senior Planner in the Community Development Department along with a preliminary site/development plan. You will be contacted with instructions after the general information is reviewed. Most Flood Hazard Permits are a Type I procedure, but if a Flood Hazard Permit is requested with another type of land use application, it will be reviewed with that application and may be a Type II or III procedure. Contact the Senior Planner at 503-674-7228 for floodplain maps and further information about submission requirements.

Land Use Application Form
This form is required to accompany any Type I, II, III, or IV application procedure request. Fees are based on the type of permit requested. Contact the Community Development Department for other submission requirements.

Preapplication Meeting
For more information on submittal requirements for Preapplication meetings, please contact our Planning Staff at (503) 674-7228 or (503) 674-7262 or email

Sign Permit
This form is used for all types of signs that require a permit from the Planning Division. Call the Planning Division at 503-674-7228 for additional instructions.


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