Contact Information

It’s important to us that your calls be handled in the most efficient and effective manner possible and in doing so, provide the public with the highest level of customer service response available.

To contact a Troutdale Police Officer or member of the department to report a crime or for information:

  • Emergency 9-1-1
    Use 9-1-1 to stop a crime in progress, report a fire, or call for an ambulance. 9-1-1 is the right number to call in an emergency when a prompt response is needed. There could be a fight or an assault occurring right now, a fire burning, or a medical problem occurring now which could be life threatening.

  • Non-Emergency (503) 823-3333
    Use the non-emergency dispatch number 24 hours a day in Multnomah County for non-emergency help. Using the non-emergency number keeps 9-1-1 available for true emergencies. Some examples of times to call non-emergency:
    • Your house or car was broken into yesterday
    • Your runaway child has returned home
    • You need to add additional items to the burglary report you made last week

  • General Information (503) 665-6129 Troutdale Police Dept. Business Office
    Police officers are not dispatched to crimes from the business office phone number (use the Emergency or Non-Emergency numbers above).  When you need general information, or if you are making routine business inquiries, call the Police Department Business office, open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm excluding holidays. Other examples of when to call or visit the business office:
    • To make public records requests, obtain copies of police and traffic accident reports
    • To retrieve a towed vehicle
    • To inquire about recovered or found property
    • Contact a staff member (click HERE for a staff directory)

  • Crime Tip Line (503) 618-7633
    The Police Department's crime tip line is another option to report suspected criminal activity or suspect information 24/7.  Information can be left anonymously.
  • To File a Complaint on a Troutdale Police Officer (click Here)

City of Troutdale- Last Updated April 22, 2014