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SW Hensley/21st Street Pedestrian Connectivity Project

The City is advertising for bids for the SW Hensley/21st Street Pedestrian Connectivity project that generally consists of construction of 1,673 linear feet of curb, 4,160 square feet sidewalk and 600 square feet of stormwater planter boxes and relocating a pedestrian crossing along SW Hensley; paving 850 linear feet of 10 foot wide pedestrian path through Sunrise Park; widening 8 feet section of SW 21st Street with pervious asphalt; constructing a pedestrian path with stairs from SW 21st to SW 22nd Street and constructing crosswalk and ADA ramp improvements at the intersection of Troutdale Road and SW 21st Street.  Bid opening date to be determined at City of Troutdale Council Chambers at 219 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Troutdale, OR 97060.

For questions or comments about this project, please contact the Project Manager, Amy Pepper, at 503-674-7241 or

Recent Confirmed Bid Results

2014 Pavement Preservation Project – Slurry Sealing
$208,960.00    -    Blackline, Inc.
$265,046.00    -    VSS International

2014 Biosolids Removal Project
The project includes the loading, hauling and land-application of approximately 123 dry tons of biosolids from the City’s pilot biobag dewatering project.

Fire Mountain Farms, Inc. – $720.16 per dry ton

2014 Pavement Preservation Project – Crack Sealing
C.R. Contracting – $3.45 per lb of Crack Sealing Material

Glenn Otto Park Bus Stop Project


City of Troutdale- Last Updated September 2, 2014