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Current Projects
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Well 8 Rehabilitation
The City will be conducting well rehabilitations on Well #8 and Well #6. This work will include: removal, inspection of well, pump, and motor, maintenance to aquifer and screen, installation of variable frequency drive, installation of new clay valve, replacement of well column, disinfection, re-installation of pump, motor, and column, testing, return to service.

Stark Street Culvert Replacement
This project will replace the undersized culvert and fish ladder on the north side at the SE Stark Street crossing of Beaver Creek. It will be replaced with a channel-spanning open bottom culvert that restores the natural streambed and allows for fish passage.  The new culvert will be 150-feet long, designed for a future project that will widen SE Stark Street.

For more information, contact Multnomah County

Stark Street Sanitary Sewer Bypass Pumping Project
Multnomah County plans to replace the Beaver Creek culvert on SE Stark Street with a channel-spanning open bottom culvert that increases flow capacity, restores the natural streambed, allows for fish passage, and enables future widening of Stark Street.  During this culvert replacement, the City of Troutdale will have to temporarily bypass the existing sanitary sewer main in SE Stark Street.  This will entail utilizing a two-pump bypass sewage pumping system and the installation of approximately 600 feet of temporary 4-inch diameter force main to temporarily reroute flows along an easement to the sewer system in Corbeth Lane.  This work was advertised for formal public bidding, and bids were opened on March 29th.  The confirmed low bidder is Thompson Bros. Excavating, Inc.; the same contractor that won the County’s bid for the culvert project.  Bypass operations are expected to commence sometime in July in conjunction with commencement of the County’s culvert project.

Start Date: July, 2017
End Date: Fall, 2017

For more information, contact Travis Hultin, Chief Engineer, at 503.674.7265 or

Reservoir 4 Recoating Project
Reservoir 4 is a 2-million gallon above ground steel water tank.  The inside of the tank is lined with a coating system that has been found to be in poor condition and in need of replacement.  This project involves draining the tank and recoating the approximately 27,000 square feet of surface area with a new coating.  Work is anticipated to occur in the Winter/Spring 2017. 

For more information about this project, please contact the City’s project manager, Amy Pepper at or at 503-674-7241.

The North Evans Stormwater Outfall is a bubbler style outlet located on the steep eastern bank of Beaver Creek at the bottom of the canyon below the Sandy Palisades neighborhood (SE Evans Avenue).  The outfall structure’s grouted rip-rap apron has cracked and slid down and away from the face of the bubbler, allowing erosion around the base of the structure, resulting in undermining of the foundation.  This has led to the structure becoming unstable and the structure is showing signs of subsidence.  The outfall structure is in significant distress and at risk of failing and sliding into the creek.  If the outfall structure and apron reach total failure, not only will it damage the creek but it will also result in erosion and incising of the stream bank.  Public Works initiated project to rehabilitate and reinforce the outfall structure, including its foundation.  The design includes rebuilding the structure’s foundation, resetting the bubbler outfall, tying the bubbler back to the slope with cabling and soil nails, and replacement of the rip-rap apron.  The remote location and difficult access make this a challenging construction effort.  Design of the project is complete, but construction cannot commence until the next state-authorized in-stream work window in the summer of 2017. The City received and opened bids for this project on June 13, 2017. Construction is expected to commence in mid-late July or early August.
Design:  Complete
Permitting:  Winter/Spring 2017
Construction: Summer 2017

For more information, contact Travis Hultin, Chief Engineer, at 503.674.7265 or

Visionary Park
Visionary Park, a new city mini-park located at the corner of E Historic Columbia River Highway and SE Jackson Park Road will feature a bronze statue commemorating both Sam Hill and Sam Lancaster, the designer and developer of the 1916 US Scenic Columbia River Highway. This project was made possible by the generous donations and contributions of community members, artists, city employees and volunteers from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Construction broke ground last summer to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the Columbia River Highway with completion anticipated in the Spring of 2017.

For questions or comments regarding this project, contact the Public Works Director, Steve Gaschler, at 503.674.7239.

Following the construction of the new Troutdale Police facility on Kendall Court, the former Police Department building at 141 SE Dora Avenue was demolished in the summer of 2013.  Since that time, the property has been in a temporary use status as an under-improved public parking lot while the City determined the long-term fate of the property and obtained an access variance from the County for its dual-street access.  After much consideration and discussion, the City Council determined to continue its usage as a public parking lot and to complete improvements necessary to bring the parking lot up to current standards for long-term use. This project will regrade, repave and restripe the parking lot, as well as add stormwater quality treatment, landscaping, lighting, retaining wall, ADA parking and planters to bring the parking lot up to current development code standards and enhance its usability for the public. This project is currently on hold pending completion of a downtown parking study. The study is expected to be completed in 2017.
For questions or comments regarding this project, contact the Public Works Director, Steve Gaschler, at 503.674.7239.

14th Street & Hensley Dry Well
During high intensity rain events 14th Street & Hensley Road experiences localized flooding. In order to alleviate annual flooding in the area, the City of Troutdale will be installing a dry well, which is considered a Class V injection well. This system will tie into existing catch basins and drywells on 14th Street and inject storm water underground. Dry wells not only aid in stormwater runoff reduction, but they can also increase groundwater recharge, are economical, and have minimal space requirements.
Design: 100%
Permitting: Complete
Construction: Complete

For more information, contact Nick Massey, Engineering Technician, at 503.674.7241 or

SE Kibling Street
On SE Kibling Street, tree roots from an old growth tree in front of the old city hall have disturbed a curb bump out. The City of Troutdale strives to protect trees that have been a part of the community for decades.  In order to alleviate further damage to City infrastructure while protecting the old growth tree, the City will be installing a vegetated swale, extending the curb line and relocating a catch basin. 
Design: 90%
Permitting: Pending Design
Construction: Pending Permitting

For more information, contact Nick Massey, Engineering Technician, at 503.674.7241 or

Harlow Water Main Extension
To accommodate for new development on Harlow Rd. a water main extension project to create a water main loop is underway.
Looping improves reliability by feeding water from two directions rather than one, which subsequently allows service to continue during an event that may cause disruption to water service. Looping reduces head loss (energy loss), and may also reduce water quality problems by allowing circulation even at times of low flow and by not allowing solids to settle at low points in the pipeline. Additionally, loop systems also permit greater water flow to an area when there is a fire or other source of high demand.
Design: 100%
Permitting: N/A
Construction: Beginning 10/2/2017

For more information, contact Erik Henricksen, Engineering Associate, at 503.674.7240 or


Development Infrastructure Projects
Development projects are projects that are initiated, funded and executed by private entrepreneurs, that include privately financed public utility construction to support their development, under the oversight and supervision of the City.

The Troutdale Reynolds Industrial Park is a multi-year, multi-phase effort by the Port of Portland to redevelop the former Reynolds Metals property brownfield in the north industrial area of the City as a commercial/industrial subdivision.  Phase I was completed in 2009, which included the construction of NW Swigert Way, which many will know as home to the FedEx Ground regional hub.  The Port is now underway with construction of Phases II and III of the subdivision.  Phases II and III will include construction of installation of utilities to serve the new commercial/industrial lots, the completion of Swigert Way to its intersection with Graham road, wetland and habitat mitigation east of Sundial road and improvements to NW Sundial Road (a county road).  In conjunction with Phase II, the Port of Portland, in partnership with the City of Troutdale, will be reconstructing the entirety of NW Graham Road, from the north side of the I-84 interchange to NW Sundial Road, including significant storm drainage improvements.  The Port and City are both contributing funding for the project, but the bulk of the project funding is provided by regional, state and federal grants.
The Port commenced construction of Phases II and III in July of 2015 and expects to complete all construction by the summer of 2017.
For more information on this project, visit the Port of Portland’s project page at, or you can contact the City’s Chief Engineer, Travis Hultin, at 503.674.7265 or


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