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Erosion Control Permits
For sites disturbing more than 1 acre, submit a 1200C permit application to the Permit Specialist. For sites disturbing less than 1 acre, obtain a Site Development Permit from the Permit Specialist or online. For questions regarding erosion control, please contact Ryan Largura 503-674-3311 or by email.

Public Works Development and Project Management Issues
Call the Public Works Department at 503-674-3300 and ask the Administrative Specialist to connect you to the appropriate Project Manager or visit our Current Infrastructure Projects page.

Public Works Maps, Drawings and Publications
Call the Public Works Department call the GIS Analyst at 503-674-7245, come to the Public Works Shop at 342 SW 4th Street, or visit our Online Maps page.

Public Works Permits for Street Cuts and Utility Connections
Obtain an application from the Permit Specialist at 503-674-7229 or obtain it online.

System Development Charge Calculations
Obtain a worksheet from the Permit Specialist at 503-674-7229, or obtain it online. Submit the form at least two weeks prior to requesting Building Permits. For questions regarding system development charges, call Nicholas Massey at 503-674-7241.

Underground Utility Locates
At least two business days before you dig, call the Oregon Utility Notification Center at 811 or 800-332-2344. Be prepared to specify the type of work to be done, its location (including nearest cross street), the date work is to start, and any special marking instructions desired.


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