Environmentally Smart

Every time you recycle you help conserve natural resources, save energy, reduce environmental pollution, increase the life span of our landfills, and create jobs in local industries. Recycling is easier than ever! All residential garbage customers in Troutdale have recycle bins available to help make recycling more convenient. Weekly curbside pick-up of your properly prepared and sorted recyclables is on the same day as your garbage pick-up. Sort all items into brown paper bags by category and place into your Curby. Curby recyclables and yard debris must be at your curb by 6:00 am on your collection day. The following items may be recycled in your Curby:

  • Scrap Paper - Includes paper, junk mail, envelopes, paper egg cartons, cereal and cracker boxes, wrapping paper, greeting cards, paper bags, paper towels and tissue cores, and flattened shoe boxes.
  • Magazines - Include magazines or catalogues that are printed on glossy/slick paper.
  • Newspaper - Include anything that came in your newspaper except product samples.
  • Glass Bottles And Jars - Rinse well, leave labels on, sort by color. Do not include light bulbs, vases, bakeware, dishes or drinking glasses, or window glass.
  • Motor Oil - Pour used motor oil into a clean, leak-proof, see-through plastic container with a screw top lid. Do not user containers larger than 1 gallon.
  • Corrugated Cardboard - Corrugated cardboard has a ribbed layer between two thin flat layers. Flatten and bundle with heavy string or twine.
  • Steel (Tin) Cans - Rinse well, remove paper labels, cut out tops and bottoms, then flatten.
  • Empty Aerosol Cans - Completely empty the can. Do not flatten or puncture the can, and do not remove nozzle. Place with steel cans.
  • Aluminum - Rinse well and remove any paper labels. Include foil, food trays, and food and soft drink cans.
  • Plastic Milk Jugs & Bottles - Remove lid and rinse. Labels are okay. Include any type of plastic bottle with a neck or threaded opening. Do not include other plastic such as: margarine or yogurt tubs, or plastic bags.

Appliances and tires may also be picked up by your hauler for a fee. There are also some facilities that accept these materials for recycling. Call Metro Recycling Information at 503-234-3000 for details and locations, or visit METRO Recycling & Waste Prevention.

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