Application For Landscape/Lawn Maintenance Service Exemption

Address, City, Zip:
Telephone (Work)
Telephone (Home)

Frequency And Type Of Garbage Service:

20 Gallon Can (One Can) - 1 stop per week
32 Gallon Can (One Can) - 1 stop per week
32 Gallon Can (Two Can) - 1 stop per week
35/40 Gallon Can (One Can) - 1 stop per week
60 Gallon Roller Cart
90 Gallon Roller Cart

What Are You Currenly Doing With Your Yard Waste (grass, leaves, twigs):

Putting it in the trash can.
Bringing it to spring cleanup.
Composting or using it for mulch.
Landscaper removes it.
Other - please specify:

Company Providing Service:
Address of Company:
Telephone No. of Company
Contact Person

Service Provided :

Lawn Maintenance Only
Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance

Are You Currently Receiving Service? Yes No

How Often Do You Receive Service?

What Does Your Maintenance Company Do With The Yard Debris?

Please return the completed Application, the Agreement and a check payable to the City Of Troutdale, for $15.00 for the application processing fee to:

Yard Debris Exemption Program
City of Troutdale
219 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy
Troutdale, OR 97060

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