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Does the City pick up my garbage?
No. The City of Troutdale is serviced under contract by Waste Management of Oregon, a private waste hauling company, through an exclusive franchise agreement.

Why didn’t Waste Management pick up my garbage today?
There are several situations that could result in Waste Management refusing to collect a garbage or recycling container. Some of the most common situations include: The garbage or recycling container was not prepared correctly (i.e., overweight for the size of the container or cardboard not cut into small enough pieces), container is placed in a hazardous location (i.e., under overhanging branches, on steep slopes or icy ground, near vicious animals), the account balance is past due and Waste Management completed proper notification procedures that include a letter and a phone call.

What time do I need to have my containers at the curb?
Properly prepared garbage and recycling containers must be at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day and empty containers should be removed from the curb within 24-hours following collection.

Who should I call for pick up of oversize or extra items?
Contact Waste Management of Oregon at 1-800-808-5901.

Is there a local drop off site for hazardous wastes?
The nearest permanent facility is the Metro South Transfer Station located in Oregon City. For specific information and hours of operation call Metro at 503-234-3000. For additional information on household hazardous waste, see our article on Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste.

Who should I call if I am having problems with Waste Management?
First try to resolve the issue with Waste Management by contacting their customer service department at 1-800-808-5901. If you are not satisfied with your customer service please call the City of Troutdale’s Environmental Specialist at 503-674-3311 or by

How should I prepare my recyclable for pickup by the waste hauler?
See our article on How to Prepare Materials for Recycling.

If I have a landscape, lawn maintenance company, or compost my yard debris, can I get an exemption?
Residential customers may request exemption from curbside yard debris collection service if they compost or use their yard debris for on-site land application, or retain a person that (a) hauls their yard debris to a state approved processor and (b) is licensed to conduct business within the City. Customers approved for this exemption will have the monthly cost of providing yard debris collection deducted from their bills and must comply with all terms of the yard debris collection exemption program agreement. Contact Waste Management at 1-800-808-5901 to request an application for this program. The application is processed by Waste Management.

Can I burn my yard debris?
Under certain circumstances you can. See our article on burning. Because it can only be done intermittently when conditions allow, burning of yard debris does not qualify a customer for exemption from yard debris service.


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