Taking Care Of Storm Water Runoff Problems

As we begin our annual rainy season, this is an appropriate time to remind everyone of the limited role the City can play in solving many storm water problems.

In situations where the problem is located in - or caused by - a public street right-of-way, the City Public Works Department is the appropriate agency to contact. They will either work on a solution or refer the matter to the County or State if the street belongs to one of those jurisdictions.

In situations where the problem is coming from an adjacent construction site, the City's Code Enforcement Officer can be contacted to determine if any code violations exist. If there is a violation, that official will work to bring about a solution to the problem.

If neither situation applies, the matter is a private one to be worked out between the parties involved. Some possible steps could be informal discussions with the offending party, assistance from East Metro Mediation (503-669-2684), or - as a last resort - legal action in a civil suit. Of course, you may want to seek professional legal counsel before taking that step.

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