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Do I have to connect to the City's water system?
New or expanded facilities that need running water must connect to the City's water system at the owner's expense unless the property is more than one thousand feet from the nearest adequate public water main.

How do I connect to the City's water system?
Connections to the City's water system are made by private contractors employed by the person or firm desiring the connection. The work is inspected by City personnel. The first step is to complete a Public Works Permit Application and submit it to the Permit Specialist at City Hall. The work must be performed in compliance with the City's "Construction Standards for Public Works Facilities."

Where does Troutdale’s water come from?
The City of Troutdale operates a fully self-sufficient drinking water supply system. Under normal operations, all of Troutdale’s domestic water is extracted from deep underground aquifers by City-owned and operated wells. Additionally, Troutdale has inter-ties with the Gresham, Fairview, and Wood Village water systems that can be opened in case of emergency.

How clean is Troutdale’s water?
See the Water Quality Report.

Is a tiny leak in my water service line really worth the trouble to repair?
It is. A water line with 60 psi of pressure and a 1/16” diameter pin hole can waste 25,000 gallons of water in a single month.

What is my water pressure?
Pressures in the water system vary with location. The City of Troutdale’s water system is designed to provide service pressures of AT LEAST 45 psi. To find out the water pressure at a certain location, contact the Water & Streets division at 503-674-3300.

What is the pH of my water?
The pH (acidity or alkalinity) of domestic water in the system varies with location, ranging from 7.5 to 8.3. To find out the pH at a certain location, contact the Water & Streets division at 503-674-3300.

What is my water’s hardness?
The hardness of water in the system varies with location, ranging from 42 mg/L (2.4 grains) to 130 mg/L (7.5 grains). To find out the water hardness at a certain location, contact the Water & Streets division at 503-674-3300.

Is there fluoride in Troutdale’s water?
See: Facts on Flouride

My hot water produces an odor; why is that and what can I do about it?
See: Phew! My Hot Water Heater Smells Like Rotten Eggs


The sidewalk in front of my home/business needs some work. Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk?
Adjacent property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks (and landscaping strips) along the street frontage(s) of their property. Obtain a Public Works Permit if you plan to do any reconstruction of your sidewalk (and/or driveway approach).

I noticed a problem with the sidewalk in front of someone else’s property. Who should I notify?
Complaints regarding sidewalk defects should be directed to the Public Works Management division at 503-674-3300. City staff will then initiate a compliance action and require the adjoining property owner to correct the defect.

I noticed a problem (i.e. debris in the road, damaged signs, etc.) with a street in the City. How should I go about reporting it?
These problems should be reported directly to the Water & Streets Division at 503-674-3300. Some streets in the City (e.g. 257th Ave, Cherry Park Road, Stark St., etc.) are actually county roads. If you know the problem is on a county road, you can contact Multnomah County directly at 503-988-5050. For concerns and complaints related to I-84 and the adjacent frontage roads, contact the Oregon Department of Transportation at 1-800-ASK-ODOT.

Who should I contact regarding complaints/concerns about traffic signals?
Traffic signals in Troutdale, except for those on Frontage Road, are maintained by Multnomah County via its contract with the City of Gresham. For issues related to those traffic signals, call 503-988-5161.

Traffic signals on Frontage Road are maintained by ODOT. For issues related to those traffic signals, call 503-665-4193.

I noticed a street light outage. How do I go about reporting this?
Contact Mid County Lighting District

I want the City to install speed humps in my neighborhood. How can I make this happen?
See: Speed Hump Program


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